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Jonny Rotisserie is pleased to present to you the hottest fire pits around! We have both custom works of art and an easy fire pit insert solutions for people buiding their own professional looking fire pit with preformed blocks. These pits are great both for cooking and just for enjoying the warmth and ambiance only a real fire can provide.

Custom Cut Fire Pits

Western Desert - $549

Fire Pit Western 1

Eastern Outdoors - $549

Fire Pit Eastern

Fire Pit Eastern 3

Texas $549

Includes images of the Alamo, blue bonnets, mockingbirds, etc.

Texas Fire Pit


Chalice - $449

Fire Pit Chalice-stlyle

The "drunk bumper" around the rim is from an authentic Omish buggy wheel and is attached with horseshoes.

All Pits Feature:

1/4" heavy-duty steel. These pits will last for generations.

Beatiful, unique designs, each custom cut by hand.

Prices quoted are only that amount if you can pick your pit up from the farm near Kansas City where they are made. Delivery to your door can range from about $175-350.


For Auspiteers:

The heavy-gauge steel wall helps to radiate heat, improving the cooking speeds.

The bowl is not attached to the base, which means you can rock it up on one side if you need additional wind protection.



If you are planning to cook over your pit, we recommend getting a grate which are an additional $30. These grates are pre-rusted and NOT designed to be cooked on directly. They give you a flat surface to evenly spread your wood and coals, giving them additional ventilation, too.

Also upon request, V's can be added naturally into the artwork landscapes which allows you drop right down on the coals when using an Auspit.

Additional vent holes or other modifications can be made on request.

The height of the base can be modified to your preference.

Completely custom designs are also available. Got a something in mind? Want to put your family name, company logo, or name of your favorite team on it? Just send us a drawing or let us know what you would like and we'll see what we can do. Custom designs generally range in price from $399-$999 depending on the work required.

To place an order, please email specifying what you would like. Please include a phone number and the best times to reach you. Most designs can be completed and shipped to your door within 3 weeks from the time of final order placement.


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