I got my Auspit! How do I set it up?
While the acting may not get Jonny Rotisserie an Oscar this season, he shows you how to get it done in this video:

You may want to start it, pause it and let it load up before playing in full.


How long and wide are the Spit Bar Support and Post?
The Spit Bar is 38 inches long total but 33 inches long coming out of the carrier bracket. It is round and ½ inch in diameter. The Support Post is also 38 inches long and a bit more than ¾” in diameter.

How far does the support post need to be driven into the ground?
It depends on the ground it is going into and how much weight you are considering putting on the spit. Obviously if you are going to put on an 18-pound turkey, you will want to go in deeper than for a couple Cornish hens.  In solid soil, it may just need about 4-5 inches. If you are on loose sand or on soil where it has been raining and the ground is saturated, you may need to drive it in more than a foot.  Generally it is surprising how little the Support Post needs to go in to hold everything upright.
Note that when cooking on an open fire, some of the best cooking takes place at the lower parts of the post as that is where the coals are.  The times where you take advantage of the extra height of the post are when you are cooking over a raised fire pit, when using the FireTrough charcoal tray, or possibly when cooking to the side of a bonfire. 

How much does an Auspit weigh?
The basic kit is just 11 pounds.

How much is shipping and handling? Where do you ship from?
We try and estimate the shipping and handling to be as close as possible to the actual cost.  Our remaining inventory is in Las Vegas. 

Can the Auspit rotisserie handle a suckling pig? 
As long as it isn’t over 18lbs, absolutely. Auspit will do it beautifully.

How long has Auspit been around?
The product has been available in Australia for around six years now.  It was launched in North America in the summer of 2008.


Where’s my beer?
Check your Beer Holster.

Motor is not turning on.
Verify that the batteries are facing the correct way. If you motor takes a bad crash to the ground (not recommended) sometimes pulling up a bit on the bottom plate under the batteries can set things right.

My Squeezeloc Spikes are slipping.
Sometimes when the arms are bent at awkward angles going into a piece of meat or something like an acorn squash, a Spike can lose its grip the next time you go to use it. The best solution is to twist the arms in an ‘X’ while off the spit, bending them in a way to reactivate the grip of the spring.

I can’t get my FireTrough and/or Carrier Bracket to fit on the Support Post.
Repeated whacking on the Support Post to stake it in the ground will eventually mushroom out the top. Hard ground expedites this process. The notch on the post give you some play before action is required, but eventually a metal file will be needed to file down the edges. If you don’t have a file handy when it first occurs, just load the Carrier Bracket and/or FireTrough from the bottom and then hammer in the support post.