Sorry folks, we are permanently sold out of all Auspit Kits.We do still have some accessories still remaining while supplies last.

Basic Auspit Kit

Basic Auspit Kit OUT OF STOCK

All-Stainless Auspit Kit

All-Stainless Auspit Kit

Auspit GOLD Edition

Auspit Gold Edition

NEW Auspit "The Works!"


1   Spit Bar (v2.0!)

1   Support Post

1   Carrier Bracket (which connects the spit bar to the support post)

1 Post Clamp (which supports the carrier bracket and allows you to adjust its height)

  Short (3”) Squeezloc Spike


2 4 4

   Long (5”) Squeezloc Spike





1  Drive Motor

2  D-size batteries
    (up to 90 hours run time)

Only Cooking Components are Stainless Steel


All Stainless Steel


Recommended for use near saltwater environments


Includes  FREE Auspit carry case



Spitmate Jr. v2.0



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Out of Stock

Out of Stock

Out of Stock

Out of Stock

Please note that while some videos portray the Auspit standing up on concrete, there is not yet a pod available that makes this possible. We are working on developing such a pod, but for now, all Auspits must be staked into the ground. Some creative Auspiteers have developed their own cheap and easy solutions for example by filling a 5-gallon bucket with sand and then inserting a PVC pipe.

*Mallet, hammer or hatchet for driving the support post in the ground is not included.

** Prices shown are in US dollars ($US) and do not include taxes, shipping & handling charges.

***Our Canadian friends may want to take a look at this note.


AuspitTM and its accessories are fully patented.


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See a brief video here where Jonny Rotisserie briefly compares the first two kit options.